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Our values

Inspired by bees and honey, the fruit of their labour, Nopheth was born.

Nopheth means honeycomb. 

Just as bees are hard-working and their work is great,

our priority is to offer you candles of excellence.

Each candle is hand-poured one by one with finesse and gentleness.  

The products we use are carefully selected with respect for the environment.

Whenever possible, we use organic and natural products from French cooperatives. 

Bougie roulée

Raw Materials

For our creations, we only use natural waxes such as beeswax, soy wax, yucca wax, coconut wax and rapeseed wax.  Our waxes are 100% natural and unblended.

Huiles végétales
Champs de lavande


To scent our candles, we use organic essential oils and, for some of them, cosmetic fragrances from Grasse (without carcinogens, phthalates and animal substances).

Les épices dans Heaps
Tulipes colorées

Candle colour

To colour the wax for some of our candles, we use natural colourants of vegetable or mineral origin!

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